Resonant Pressure Massage is a one-to-one relaxation massage. Curated by Jeremiah Mack, this signature massage is designed to relieve tension in joints and deeper layers of muscles by adapting to the buoyancy of the body. Designed from the ideal of electrical energy, resonance creates frequency throughout the body allowing your touch sense to greatly sense the different texture of muscles and imbalances. When the proper pressure is applied during resonance, the muscle relaxes and allows for release of tension.  


Resonant Pressure Massage - A general massage that focuses on rocking and vibrating for maximum relaxation 

Swedish Massage - A general soothing massage

Deep Tissue - Focuses on releasing tension and stress in deeper muscles

Sports Massage - A massage that includes stretching to prime muscles for performance

Trigger Point Therapy - Thumb and finger compression on muscle knots followed by an lengthy stroke to smoothen the muscle to its natural state and increase flexibility

Chair Massage - Great for on-the-go tension release

Assisted Stretches- $50 / 0.5 hours or $100 / hour

Hand and Foot Reflexology - A massage comprised of a series of thumb compression in reflex points in the hands and feet to trouble shoot muscles to improve efficiency


 Hot/Cold Stone Massage - The use of hot or cold stones to melt away tension or cool over-worked muscles

Aromatherapy - Relaxing smells to calm and relax body energy, also known to restore natural balance to your energy and give you mental and spiritual clarity

CBD - CBD Oil soothes tense muscles.